Whoydensday: DOC bingo

Paterson JosephI know, late again. It’s still Wednesday some places on the planet – leave me alone!

After the pleasant discussion we had here last week on the possibility (firming to probability) of Paterson Joseph being the eleventh actor to pilot the TARDIS, it’s sad to see that responses elsewhere have been kneejerk enough that The Doctor of Colour Fail Bingo Card has now been created.

On a lighter note, comment of the week comes from an io9 story about Russell T Davies and his new OBE:

russellrobertmonsters: I’m so glad RTD is leaving Who before the inevitable Celebrities on Ice episode.

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  1. Excellent! I shall add the bingo card to my collection. The person’s name is robertmonsters, BTW.

  2. Oh noes – Rusty is Eating My Brain! (fixed now)

  3. Good lord, imagine if they’d cast a woman doctor. I think he’ll be fantastic, and sexy to boot.

  4. Yeah, I can’t say I’m all that familiar with his work, but from what I’ve seen he looks quite good.

  5. “Won’t somebody think of the racists?” Hee. Kudos to lizbee.

  6. That bingo card is so very true. I won’t say I can’t wait for PJ (after all, my Tennant love is known far and wide), but I am definitely eager…
    Just not eager for the bullshit.

  7. I still miss Christopher Ecclestone. *sniff* (Seriously, I’d never imagined I could like any Doctor as much as Tom Baker).
    Not to say that Tennant doesn’t rock. Or that Joseph wouldn’t – because he would – totally.

  8. It sort of feels like Ecclestone was taken away too soon, doesn’t it. It was his choice though, didn’t want to be ‘stereotyped’. Silly sausage.

  9. Silly sausage
    No kidding– I mean, he ended up playing the bad guy in The Dark is Rising, for crying out loud! Another Season as the Doctor couldn’t have hurt him (although I will say that I’m glad that David Tennant did School Reunion, because I don’t think Eccleston could have achieved the fanboy look of love that Tennant had when he saw Sarah Jane).
    And yeah, I can’t believe the racist piffle that some people are coming up with, but fortunately, I do think these people are in the minority. Once Patterson has done a few episodes (if he actually is the new Doctor, which seems very likely), most of these idiots will retcon themselves and conveniently “forget” that they ever made such comments.

  10. If all the people who are threatening to LEAVE actually did so, the fandom would be a much better place!

  11. FUCK YES PJ. DIAF Bingo-card-inspiring-wankholes.

  12. As always it’s confusing. David Morrissey is all over the Radio Times cover promoting ‘The Next Doctor’ Christmas special – seemingly playing another Doctor – but whether he is the next one off the rank is anyone’s guess. I hope not. Paterson Joseph would be great. (Mind you, I wasn’t that fussed by the prospect of David Tennant but he’s turned out fine.)

  13. Actually, I’ve just thought about who I’d like to see … Anthony Flanagan, who was so good in Cracker and more recently comedy Shameless (was also the head bad guy in the second and third episodes of Survivors, but don’t hold that against him). He’s pulled out of Glengarry Glenn Ross on stage in October so you never know…
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Unwarranted Intrusion

  14. Damn, that post is no longer accessible! I sure could do with that after bothering to argue with too many drongos on OG.

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