Sampler: from Ethics and Philosophy

Carrying on from Lauredhel’s idea of showcasing some memorable posts for visitors arriving via the Weblog Awards, I’ve chosen the Ethics and Philosophy category as my first showcase post because in so many ways it sums up a lot of what inspires me to write. I find it distressing that so much of our public discourse relies on laziness in terms of examining the ethics of proposed courses of action, and that so little attention is paid to the underlying logic and consistency (or lack thereof) contained in the philosophies that inform ideologies. Also, that so many people use the faceless nature of the Web to behave unethically.

So, a handful of my posts in this area from 2008 to start you off:

Peeve OTD: Tolerance versus Acceptance

Advice to bloggers: use a webmail account for those off-blog interactions

A matter of emphasis

The most potent weapon in the PC arsenal

Backpedalling and finger pointing while spinning like a top

Please feel free to add any blog posts focussing on Ethics and Philosophy that you’ve found memorable (from other blogs as well as this one, and nominate the feminist bloggers for the Femmostroppo Retrospective!) in comments below.

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