Things annoying me today.

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1. I’d like to think we’d gone beyond this, but obviously not.

2. Greg Bird’s lawyer, Gavin Orr, is claiming that he has done nothing wrong and that the Cronulla Sharks have no reason to sack him, nor have the NRL any right or reason to stop him from playing for 2 years as requested by his own team. For those of you outside of NSW not familiar with this story, Greg Bird is the lovely bloke who allegedly glassed his girlfriend during an argument, then called his mate and said he had told police it was his mate who had done it. Fortunately for his (now ex?) mate, he was playing golf at the time and had plenty of witnesses to say he had been nowhere near Greg Bird’s girlfriend at the time of the incident. Obviously they missed the whole White Ribbon Day stuff.

Edited to add: And this from the SMH is also getting my goat:
A list of popular gift ideas from David Jones has the Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere perfume as the top gift for women and an iPod Nano as the male equivalent. For boys, Lego and Transformers products are suggested, and for girls, Barbie and Baby Alive.

Kmart’s top ten toys for Christmas include the Ben 10 Alien Force – Ultimate Omnitrix, a Star Wars Clone Wars vehicle and the Lego city coast guard platform for boys. For girls there’s a cupcake maker, Barbie princess doll and My Little Pony sing and dance horse.
Both my son and my daughter would love any of the kids toys. Although my son doesn’t want a doll, he wants a real baby. He’s going to be waiting a while.

So, what’s annoying you?

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  1. * Mindy, I remember being absolutely appalled by the first dance show my daughter appeared in aged 10, although at least that particular dance school didn’t make the younger girls do raunchy moves. But what the fifteen and sixteen year old star students were doing was essentially bump and grind. The whole “no photography/buy this ridiculously over-priced DVD (with crap sound and focus) scam” also outraged me.
    * It seems Greg Bird & lawyer are falling back on the whole Domestic Violence is private line, so that it shouldn’t affect his employment. How quaint.
    * I’m trying to just not pay attention to the great Gendered Gifting Guide trotted out in Every Single Catalogue. It’s about as effective as fingers in my ears going lalalalalalaIcan’thearyou but it keeps me from actually screaming.

  2. I was annoyed by the cheery tone the channel ten news guy used when announcing that Greg Bird was “off the hook” the day he was found not guilty. The same tone they use for those cute fluffy animal stories.
    I was also annoyed by a letter to my local paper complaining about the Sharks players not showing up for some junior league event when they promised they would, because “our young boys *need* these role models”. Please.
    I’m also annoyed by the festive season full stop. The whole thing offends the crap out of me on so many levels.
    I just realised it will be quicker to type the things that I’m not annoyed about.

  3. We’re in the middle of a political drama here in Canada (the minority government may be toppled by a coalition of opposition parties), so there was a letter in the newspaper saying that you can tell “just by looking at them” which people voted Liberal & NDP (our leftist parties) because they aren’t “real” Canadians and do you want a government voted in by non-Canadians? Well, DO YOU?
    And the Globe & Mail keeps running these awful articles about how young women these days are stupid, you can tell by watching reality t.v.

  4. Well you have to admire their in depth research Anna! I shall write my thesis by looking at people and watching reality tv.

  5. I’m a bit conflicted about the Bird thing. I ‘m four square behind the Sharks punting the creep, I think the issues with the league barring him from any other team are a bit problematic. I won’t shed tears if it happens but I think There Are Legal Issues. I would hope the public disapproval and club culture would be such that no other club would touch him anyway, a la Ben Cousins.
    It’s important to note too that the Sharks don’t want him deregistered for 2 years as a stand against domestic violence, they want him deregistered so he can’t play for their opposition.
    Jaycar has an awful eg of gendered gifts in the cattledog that fell out of the Herald this morning. Everything pink and illustrated with a faceless (seriously, a question mark over her face) blonde in short shorts, bare midriff. You can see it in the Christmas Celebrations cattledog here

  6. Oh and “Gifts for the BLOKES” on the opposite page illustrated by dude in camos with a beer. To be fair, he is also faceless for whatever reason and the “Gifts for the GIRLS” though pink are mostly useful as opposed to the hideous novelty toys He gets.
    Amanda’s last blog post..Get a Room

  7. I used to live across the road from a ‘dance productions’ studio and distinctly remember being woken up one Saturday morning by a class of 10-12 year olds singing ‘Lookin’ for some hot stuff, baby, this evenin’/Lookin’ for some hot stuf, baby, tonight’ – I can only be thankful that I couldn’t see the ‘dance’ routine that went with the song.

  8. I’m annoyed that in Queensland, Religious Education is taught in public schools. I’m also annoyed that if you choose to exclude your children from this exercise in brainwashing, they are placed in a non air conditioned room and made to do math.
    As for Greg Bird, he’s a grubby little thug who has always had a wire missing from his brain. I remember a couple of years ago he kneed some guy in the head right in front of the ref.
    One quibble though – Gavin Orr is actually his agent not his lawyer. Regardless, he’s also a dick.

  9. The Bird saga is a sorry one. Even if the allegations against his girlfriend are dismissed, I think there is another charge concerning another incident of assault he has to face. The NRL will be better off without him.
    It seems now that some of the Sharks fans are organising a rally to save Bird from the axe. That really annoys me as I’m tired of excuses being made for the poor behaviour of people because they are good at a sport.
    It doubly annoying as the good works of NRL players like Nathan Hindmarsh (who spent part of the off season in Rwanda doing charity work) gets lost in the noise of a few idiots.

  10. “I’m annoyed that in Queensland, Religious Education is taught in public schools. I’m also annoyed that if you choose to exclude your children from this exercise in brainwashing, they are placed in a non air conditioned room and made to do math.”
    Oh the dramas I went through trying to have my daughter exempted from the bloody godbaggery class.
    The math teacher whose class it happened to fall on victimised her for two years because we dared to interfere with her free period.
    At least in primary school they send home a permission note. The highschool does no such thing; the kids show up for class one Tuesday to be told that this class is now a religion class for an entire term. The kids don’t get told that they don’t have to do it, they’re not given a choice in the matter, and if they even try to bully parents who object to this imagine how they treat any kids who try to resist the weekly brainwashing.
    End of rant. Sorry. Just shat that out.

  11. “I shall write my thesis by looking at people and watching reality tv.”
    These days you probably could, as long as you wrote it up in the right kind of language in the ‘methodology’ section.
    Pavlov’s Cat’s last blog post..Everybody needs good neighbours, especially me

  12. I’m annoyed by the catalogue of TAFE short courses at our local TAFE that arrived in our letterbox yesterday, and not just because they ignored our no advertising material request. There are beginner woodwork courses advertised. You learn to make a toolbox. All good. But then there are separate beginner woodwork courses FOR WOMEN. Because we couldn’t possibly use a toolbox. Women with tools? Ha ha ha. The ladies can make a stool. Because we only care about clothes and household furnishings.

  13. Things annoying me today?
    On the front page: Oh MY! Girls are SO hard to talk to that men will buy a book from a 9 year old. Kid wrote it for creative writing in class. Article is chock full of haw-haw poor men, those whacky women are just so whacky and hard to talk to. Hmm…my favourite part? The part where the kid declares the girls have all the power? Or that it’s easy to spot pretty girls. Not because you like their face, no no becuase: It is easy to spot the pretty girls because they have big earrings, fancy dresses and all the jewellery.
    Oh great, let’s celebrate this kids rapid absorption of patriarchal beauty standards. I wanna blog on this, but I’m too freaking annoyed right now, and also I’m at work.

  14. Yeah I read that too in amazement and extreme WTFness.

  15. Yes, my WTFness had to turn into a post or it would have turned into an anuerism. Gaargh!
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Aw so cute…tiny kid who should be playing in the backyard writes crap about chicks and the world applauds

  16. Fuckpoliteness @ 13: that’s mine for today as well.
    Anyone who criticises his work will, of course, be vilified and told to pick on someone their own size.
    Never mind that he presents dating as being as some kind of sport where women seem to be little more than trophies (“if you do get a girl to like you, that is victory … What does it take to win victory? [sic]”). Oh, and he has a talent for nonsensical “statistics”: “About 73% of regular girls ditch boys; 98% of pretty girls ditch boys.” And let’s not forget the bit where he says “pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil”.
    Apparently he reads a lot. I’d like to know which books, specifically.

  17. Apparently the last book he read was a children’s guide to the Watergate Scandal.

  18. I remember being forced to do homework while the other kids at my school ate pizza and listened to people talk about Jesus. I was THAT stubborn about it.
    hexy’s last blog post..SWOP USA’s National March for Sex Workers Rights

  19. I’m annoyed because my six year old had to hang around work for an hour on Saturday until I had finished. She passed the time by drawing a dinosaur/monster spouting flame from its mouth, lightening bolts from its head, and its big clawey foot was stomping on a flower. Teh evil! All the men and women at work commented upon how she wasn’t much of a girl to draw a picture like that, how odd it was, etc. I guess she is supposed to draw fairies frolicking around flowers and butterflies. She draws this stuff too, but today she felt like drawing monsters, and it is sad that she was told that it was odd.

  20. That’s horrible huckle!!! God I wish adults would consult the freaking parents before they went around commenting on stuff like that to children!!

  21. Okay, the thing which is annoying me today is the patronising bloody letter I got (with an attached PDF, of all things) from the office of the Minister for Broadband etc. I’d expressed a dislike of the notion of having my internet feed filtered down to suit the tastes of a rather timid, terrified eight-year-old, and said so. They sent me back a canned screed saying “it’s for the chilllllldrrrrrunnnn”.
    My first response was unprintable. My second can be seen at the commentluv link.
    Meg Thornton’s last blog post..An open letter to the Minister for Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy.

  22. I’m annoyed at a culture that holds disabled people to be inconvenient, infringing on the precious happy world of the “normal people,” defiling their eyes, affronting their sensibilities. I am particularly annoyed when temporarily able-bodied people make this view vividly apparent to disabled people. I had a bad Tuesday.
    Rebekka @ 12, what… why… how? *shakes head slowly*
    On RE, victimising people for not attending is so, so warped. Public education should not pressure children into listening to religious teachings. On a happy note, when I was in primary school, the kids who didn’t attend got to do fun activities in the library.

  23. Oh Chally, I hear that. I called my transit authority today to complain because low-floor accessible buses apparently only allow wheelchair users on them when they’re on designated accessible routes. Being one needs to book access-a-bus exactly 7 days in advance (not 6, not 8, just 7) and there are only two taxis in this city that are accessible, I think the message is “Get a car!”
    Awesome, I’m telling ya. Awesome.

  24. Anna, that is awful and you’ve inspired me. I’m going to do some research about public transport accessibility where I live and write something about it on my blog within the week.
    This is a great topic, Mindy, thanks!

  25. Chally “Rebekka @ 12, what… why… how? *shakes head slowly*”
    ya-huh. I might call them tomorrow and aks them wtf.

  26. For myself and my husband, public transport is the thing. People with disabilities are disporportionately poor – we live well below the “poverty line” here in Canada, much to our parents’ chagrin. A better variety of public transport that’s accessible would make it a lot easier for Don to get a job. Being able to book the access-a-bus in even a three-day span instead of just one day would allow us to be more flexible in our plans.
    With the brand-spanking-new electronic wheelchair, our only option of an own-vehicle is a van – that thing is *huge*! And heavy. And we’d have to customize it to allow us to get the wheelchair into it because there’s no way for either of us to lift it. There may be options for funding assistance to customize a vehicle like that, but can you imagine the gas prices? Or the cost of maintance? And that’s in the alternate universe where either of us can drive.
    Having so few routes (I think there’s less than 10 in my city) that are fully accessible, and not allowing wheelchair users on to the accessible buses that aren’t on fully accessible routes, makes things as simple as going out to a movie or as complicated as getting to a specialist appointment or a regular job incredibly difficult for people who, on the whole, give up a lot of their energy and time to just being disabled.
    I really wanted this wheelchair to give Don more freedom to consider living independently – it scares me that if things go very very badly in our relationship Don could be left with no income, no job prospects, and be basically housebound because of the difficulties he has in getting out – but what it’s really done is reminded us both how difficult it is at every single step.
    … Gosh, I’ll be happy when school’s done next week and I can blog instead of randomly posting lenghty thoughts on HaT.

  27. Today I’m pissed off because the school has put my five year old on detention because he didn’t listen to his teacher twice, and took a puzzle off someone else and wouldn’t give it back. Not sterling behaviour, but ffs he’s five. The cherry on top is that they have threatened to suspend him. So I’ve check the Dept of Ed website and I will be asking to see his behaviour management plan, signed by internal and external people as appropriate, his welfare report and student safety report, and what welfare and discipline strategies they have written up for him. I suspect there aren’t any because this is just his teacher fed up and taking out her inability to cope with a class of five year olds on my son. I’m going to ask them to demonstrate that they have made a fair and impartial decision. Because I don’t think they have. Behaviour doesn’t occur in a vacuum.
    I have of course read the riot act to my son as well. But I’m getting sick of him being the scapegoat. Thank god there is only two weeks of school left. I just hope these last two weeks don’t ruin the rest of the year for him.

  28. Yes, it’s a good thing you’ve read up there Mindy. My son was suspended from school when he was eight years old. This is a child with a diagnosis of Asperger’s and ADHD. No one had informed me of the incidents in the playground. Mini FP (like many “Aspies”) finds the playground overwhelming and just wants to be on his own to play with a rock or something. A group of older kids had worked out that if they taunted him and called him names he’d very quickly get a bit feral with rage, and rather than use words he would growl and wave sticks to keep them back. So he’d be reported over and over for the waving of the sticks (I guess the older kids dobbed when this happened). Then he’d be hostile and growl and snarl at the teacher and not do what they told him. NONE of this was reported, until finally miniFP THREW one of the sticks. Oh, no one got hurt. In his frustration he kicked his teacher’s aide in the shins, but for real, this was a special needs child who had been goaded methodically for months, and at any rate at eleven he weighs 25 kilos, there’s no WAY any damage was done. But I got a call at my spanking new casual work job that my son was to be suspended (meaning he was not at school for the rest of the year – like five days or something). Anyway, the point is I went apeshit over this and took it to the Department of Education, and while there were no formal findings against the school, it caused a LOT of fuss and embarrasment, and lo and behold there are strategies in place for the ten or so kids on the Autistic spectrum that are at the school and support enough to mean that this has not happened again.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Whoa, it’s a Devine bullshit tsunami

  29. Just in: Greg Bird jailed for 16 months for glassing girlfriend. An appeal is imminent, as is the likelihood that they will try for bail until the appeal is heard. Article is here.
    I particularly liked the last bit:
    “In sentencing submissions, Bird’s lawyer Leslie Nicholls had asked the magistrate to take note of the fact Ms Milligan had never complained to police about the incident.
    However, Mr Clisdell said this was not unusual in cases of domestic violence. ”
    Well done Mr Clisdell.

  30. Greg Bird has been granted bail pending an appeal. He has also been fined $5000 for attempting to blame his friend for the incident.

  31. Did you read about the bit during the trial where he attempted to blame his girlfriend for attempting to blame his friend? Now that’s class.

  32. I remember reading with disbelief that Bird was SHOCKED when he got a jail sentence. And then the SMH article ended with a description (by his ex) of how much of a loving and decent person Bird is. Uh, no.
    Oh and that 9-year-old kid giving dating advice article was annoying too:
    -‘He warned boys to be wary of “pretty girls”… “Pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil,” he writes in chapter three’ ( reminds me of the “don’t trust a hoe” line from that 3OH!3 song)
    -‘It is good to be the smartest boy in the class, because “girls will be prowling at your feet”‘ ( apparently this is a good thing?)
    -“But his teacher and principal suggested it be published.” ( whaaaa?)
    Urgh people who endorse this sort of misogynistic heterosexist content shouldn’t be running a school of full of impressionable little kids, for starters.

  33. And Chris Brown got community service. Despite evidence that he’d repeatedly slammed Rhianna’s head into the dashboard and had repeatedly bitten her.


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