oh, and by the way

The suspect has only one hand“.

This was tagged on at the end of a standard description (medium height, short brown hair etc etc) of a con-artist the police are looking for, as read out on the radio while I was driving the kids to school. I couldn’t help it, I snorted and giggled. It sounded somehow Pythonesque.

“I want to confess! I done it!”
“Now, now, sir. Sir knows very well that we’re looking for a one-handed man.”
“I got better!”

Wouldn’t saying “we’re looking for a one-handed man” be better to put at the front of the description?

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4 replies

  1. Would it be considered discrimination against one-handed people?

  2. Paging Dr. Richard Kimble…

  3. Andy, GET OUT OF MY MIND.

  4. At least the SMH subs know to put one-handed right up front and centre:
    One-handed fashion con’s jewel heist

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