Spare me. Michelle Malkin patting some hack on the back for doing a search and replace on a few paragraphs from the of a George Orwell essay, doing the usual strip-the-context bait and switch, as if he has made some… Read More ›

David and Margaret are back

And David Stratton suavely used “meretricious”* in the most appositely contemptuous fashion. How delightful when one’s favourite film review show appeals not only to one’s inner geek but also to one’s inner vocab nazi. * A long, long time ago,… Read More ›

Ignoring Islamic feminism

Firstly, a well-researched piece from The Guardian, Islamic Feminism On The Move: Muslim societies, from Afghanistan where female teachers are singled out for killing by a resurgent Taliban, to Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive or travel… Read More ›


Someone (Atrios? Ezra Klein?) posted a link to this post last week from TPMCafe’s Reed Hunt, 10 Events that could change the election’s dynamics, and I quoted one line from it last week in an article I posted at LP… Read More ›


Despite the folks behind this website believing they have a sense of humour*, this appears to be sadly not actually a joke: Darwin Dating: online dating minus ugly people Darwin Dating has been designed by hot people for hot people…. Read More ›

Bring in the real women

Repellent, it appears, is the mot-de-semaine: I think American society would benefit greatly if we got rid of all the Sara Jessica Parker wannabe stinky swanks and sent them to the deepest arm pits of Africa. We should then bring… Read More ›