Weekend walking

So, mr tog and I decided, on our return from abroad, that we really should keep up this walking-around-with-the-kids habit we’d developed over the 4 weeks of sightseeing. Instead of just lounging around the house on Saturdays, we should get… Read More ›

Friday wet and furry

Well, this time on Sunday Australian time I will be in the air, asleep, on the way to Europe for Christmas and New Year. For New Year’s Eve we will be in Norway, and mr tog and I are crossing… Read More ›

Counting down

The blogging is going to be patchy over the next few weeks leading up to my holiday in Europe over Giftmas and New Year. I not only have to sort out all the insurance, passport renewals and luggage weight limits,… Read More ›

Yesterday’s beach walk

My favourite shot of the morning – mum and bub were just having so much fun here (playing Harry by the Sea, where “Harry, a friendly little dog on a visit to the seashore, is mistaken for a sea serpent… Read More ›

8 photos

This is a meme going around some blogs in the States, and I haven’t been tagged for it, but I like it so much I’m going to do it anyway. It’s simple: 8 Things I Find Amazing in Picture Form…. Read More ›