Yesterday’s beach walk

My favourite shot of the morning – mum and bub were just having so much fun here (playing Harry by the Sea, where “Harry, a friendly little dog on a visit to the seashore, is mistaken for a sea serpent when a big wave covers him with seaweed”). Apparently this is the beach game that must be played on every beach outing. I hadn’t heard of the book before but it sounds delightful, and hasn’t been out of print for 40 years or so, so the author Gene Zion must have done something right.

19: seaweedmonster
Watch out mum, it’s a seaweed monster!

I set myself a little challenge of taking candid shots of beach users at Coogee (and asking permission for close-shots! eek!) I got a few good ones, and I even saw some Kangaroos on the beach[post] [photo]. The beach-candid photostream starts here.

How about some other photobloggers join in on some candid beach shot action? Blog some new shots, or post a link to some old ones, in the comments.

I am definitely getting a copy of that book for my new niece.

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  1. Becca posted this on the kiwi forgiveness thread in error:
    Harry actually has a whole series, that started in 1956 with _Harry the Dirty Dog_ (Harry, a white dog with black spots, doesn’t want to take a bath, and buries the scrubbing brush in the back yard; gets very dirty and becomes a black dog with white spots; family doesn’t recognize him); continues in _No Roses for Harry_ (any kid who has gotten an atrocious sweater for Christmas from Grandma will appreciate this one); goes to _Harry By the Sea_ (Sea Slug!! Hot dogs!!! Family needs a bigger umbrella); and ends (I think) with _Harry and the Lady Next Door_ (she sings too loudly!)
    I had the first two books when I was kid. When Abigail was still a baby, I got a copy of a one-volume collection of the first three stories. Abigail and Evan love to read it as part of their bed-time routine.

  2. I had Harry the Dirty Dog! my aunt sent it to me when she was living in New York so maybe you never heard of it because it’s american. I loved it but I didn’t know there were more Harry books.

  3. My oldest neph (recently turned 30) loved Harry The Dirty Dog as a child so much that he got to name the family dog: Harry.
    I remember enjoying it at Kinder.
    (didn’t know there were any more Harrys either)

  4. Yeesh. How did I manage to mispost? Your blog, the pretty confuses me!

  5. It added a nice surreal touch to that thread. Maybe Willie Mason can pretend to be a seaweed monster the next time he has to confront the Kiwis.

  6. Here’s a beachy post
    i have a lot of photos of the interesting rock formations (You have to imagine that in Swedish Chef accent) at the same beach which i’m going to do a photo essay on. one day.

  7. I tried to reply to you yesterday Helen, but my own blog thought I was spamming it and wouldn’t let me post!
    Anyway, I love happy beach doggies. It’s one of the sad things about Coogee – dogs on beach is Frowned Upon. tehy do well up on the promenade though.

  8. what? what!
    not heard of Harry?
    ahhhhhhhhh! Tig, get thee to a bookstore!
    I heart Harry. he was an integral part of my childhood. I’ve started collecting the series for the Dinghy now because I get traumatised letting my older books get pummelled (that, and they’re so deep in storage he’ll probably be 20 by the time I find them again). yes, I was one of those neat children who treated their books like precious jewels.
    I gave Harry of ForBattle the Dirty Dog one for his birthday. and have a new copy of No Roses. but I had actually fogotten about the Seamonster one. sigh. so cute!

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