Friday wet and furry

Well, this time on Sunday Australian time I will be in the air, asleep, on the way to Europe for Christmas and New Year. For New Year’s Eve we will be in Norway, and mr tog and I are crossing our fingers that the current solar storm will still be burbling away so that we get to see the Northern Lights. To anyone else loving the lights, I recommend the Flickr cluster-tag “aurora“.

Through that group, even though I was looking for the aurora borealis, I found some fantastic shots of the aurora australis from Antarctic M, who seems to be leading a terribly healthy outdoors life on Halley station with intermittent forays onto the Falklands and South Georgia. Miriam has some really terrific photos.

Fatty the seal
Fatty, originally uploaded by Antarctic M

Purty seals and penguins, and majestic ice and mountains. A cool break from bushfires for any readers in Tasmania and Victoria.

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