Counting down

The blogging is going to be patchy over the next few weeks leading up to my holiday in Europe over Giftmas and New Year. I not only have to sort out all the insurance, passport renewals and luggage weight limits, I also have to tidy up the house sufficiently that the family friend’s young adult offspring who is minding the house can manoeuvre around the boxes of books.

I do intend to travelblog.


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  1. Giftmas … love it. I’ve never seen that before but how it perfectly sums it up.

  2. Holiday in Europe? Awesome! Best time, the depths of winter! Tell me if you see the Snow Queen!
    I’m going to be visiting the US, hopefully in February. Travel blogging is definitely on my itinerary too!

  3. Ron, I can’t take credit for coining Giftmas, I read it on another forum recently. It is the quintessential word for the season though, so I stole it immediately.
    TimT, I thoroughly enjoy stomping around in real cold. The last time I lived in the UK my neighbours couldn’t get over “how well she copes with it”. Growing up a bushwalker means I understand about woolly socks, thermals,layering and the supreme importance of stout waterproof boots.

  4. I’m only a little bit jealous. Mainly I am just desperate for a holiday that doesn’t involve driving around country NSW visiting rellies, and Europe in winter seems as far removed from that as one can get.

  5. Oh, I hope you’re going to see something of Germany if you’re going for Giftmas – nowhere does Christmas quite as well, IMHO. There’s something extraordinary about the country’s December markets (Weihnachtsmarkts, I think they’re spelt) – mulled wine and roast chestnuts, and great atmosphere.

  6. Actual Christmas will be in Paris, and New Year’s Eve will be in Norway. London/Wales will bookend those two weeks. Plenty to see there, even if we miss out on the German experience.

  7. Do you need anyone to carry your bags?

  8. Only if you’ve got an invisibility cloak for the plane trip, mate. Can’t afford another fare,

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