Ooh. Ooh-ooh.

The “grazing occultation” of Saturn by the Moon. RING ECLIPSE From the Lunar Picture of the Day, via the Bad Astronomy Blog, the picture is a composite from astrophotographer Peter Lawrence.

Friday Furry one day late

Oh, this is amazing. originally posted by CityRag who has more pictures and information – apparently all four infant animals were abandoned by their mothers shortly after birth Found via Majikthise: Lindsay says this shot fills her with trepidation (Disaster… Read More ›

Midweek musings

Which Swan is your kind of swan? The traditional(ish)? image from The Funny Girl schvann? (wot, not one shot on the intarwebs of her suspended in midair?)

What a show!

Regular readers, I’m talking up the Astronomy Picture of the Day site again. This was taken in Perth on Australia Day (yes, it’s a panorama made from separate shots). The faint streak in the sky just left of centre is… Read More ›

Weekend walking

So, mr tog and I decided, on our return from abroad, that we really should keep up this walking-around-with-the-kids habit we’d developed over the 4 weeks of sightseeing. Instead of just lounging around the house on Saturdays, we should get… Read More ›

Friday wet and furry

Well, this time on Sunday Australian time I will be in the air, asleep, on the way to Europe for Christmas and New Year. For New Year’s Eve we will be in Norway, and mr tog and I are crossing… Read More ›