Friday Furry: kewt widdle puppy edition

Fluffy, destroyer of worlds.
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OK, there’s an awful lot of search engine hits on “Fluffy Destroyer of Worlds” and a lot of versions of this image, and lots of other pictures of animals alleged to be this apocalyptic furball. I could go and find out what the story is, or I could wait for one of my genius commentors who already knows the story to share it.

As a chilled cardonnay is calling, along with the Friday night TV mystery, which way do you think I’m gonna jump?

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  1. The Fluffy cuteness is a Shih Tszu puppy.
    I had one, crossed with a poodle and he was the best little pal I miss him terribly.
    Everybody has flaked in front of Dalziel & Pascoe and would be disappointed if they were not suffering from heatstroke.
    I was wishing ABCTV would rerun the first series; the books of course are marvellous, but the series is not what it was.
    Dalziel has become too socialised.

  2. Your shyzoodle sounds utterly charming. Was he a zone of destruction, Brownie?
    D&P is interesting: I agree the characters are less edgy but the actual mysteries are better plotted, and the current scripts allow a little more of Reginald Hill’s sly humour to peep through. Dalziel is finally surrendering to middle-age sensibilities somewhat, just in time for his impending retirement.
    I still miss Ellie though.

  3. Hmm, because the older DZ & Pascoe episodes were so believable and realistic…;-)

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