Friday Fluffy linkfest

Ripped from my feedreader this week: Mentis Fugit gives us the story of two US military veterans deciding to bestow their Purple Hearts on two separate individuals they felt worthy of the decoration. Men and Women like different films (except… Read More ›

More weekend silliness

I’m working on a long post which isn’t coming together quite yet, so I keep distracting myself. Anyway, I found this picture, and frankly I’m astonished. I wonder how many of you can guess who this is? You can probably… Read More ›


Sadly, no lennies appeared when I went to view the sunset on Wednesday evening. However the sunset was still most spectacular, with a large clump of cloud right above the setting sun and ribbons of altocumulus streaming down to the… Read More ›

Lenticular clouds

I just heard on the radio that weather conditions in Sydney today are such that there’s a high probability of a lenticular cloud forming over the city late this afternoon, as the day cools. If it does, it will likely… Read More ›

Thursday soapblogging

I’ve been making some soap. It’s like magic, cold process soapmaking. Take one jug of super-concentrated lye solution, about the most corrosive, dangerous chemical ordinary people can buy, though in some areas it’s becoming scarce as part of the War… Read More ›

Rain on the strawberries

This is why we are content to celebrate a global festival of renewal and new life in the southern autumn, instead of in the spring. My heart feels buoyant. And this is why: Fresh, lush, beautiful rain on the strawberry… Read More ›

Seen at Shakesville

Which is the shiny new hangout for the folks from Shakespeare’s Sister, which will remain as their archive site. Shakers, update your blogrolls! Update: The new site has been made unusable through DOS attacks, so the Shakers are back at… Read More ›