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G’day, Bingo Viewers!

There’s been an uptick over the last few weeks in site visitors clicking on links to Anti-Feminist Bingo and Anti-Feminist Bingo #2 – since comments on those posts have been long closed, I invite you to comment here instead, should you feel so inclined.

Sexist joke bingo

In collaboration with Hoydenizens and others, a bingo card for arguments in defence of sexist jokes, specifically, the variants on “but it was FUNNY”.

Antibreastfeeding Bingo

We’ve done the other Bingos, and this one’s long overdue. With a nod to all the misogynist trolls out there who’ve provided the material for this card, I present: Antibreastfeeding Bingo! It’s focussed on public breastfeeding conversations, not “mommy wars”… Read More ›

Faves: Feminism

Hoyden About Town is looking forward to the finalist voting in the 2008 Weblog Awards. Because it’s school holidays and tigtog and I are family-focussed right now, I’ve put together a few of my posts from the past, in the categories Feminism, Breasts, bodies and birth, Bad science, Big pharma, and Disability. They’re not chosen for any strict criteria – just the posts I found memorable, the ones

Evolutionary Psychology Bingo!

PunkAssBlog has seen a Great Need, and filled it. Evolutionary Psychology Bingo! This particular bingo card specifically addresses the antifeminist/sex-essentialist uses of evpsych. My splorf favourite? “Confusion over whether they’re rationalising polyamory or nuclear-family patriarchy, but whatever they’re rationalising, only… Read More ›

Invisible Illness Bingo.

I’ve posted before on my experience with invisible disability, and linked to amandaw on the “But you don’t look sick!” phenomenon. And for further background, everyone should read the “Open Letter to Those Without CFS/Fibro” at Not Done Living. Now… Read More ›