G’day, Bingo Viewers!

There’s been an uptick over the last few weeks in site visitors clicking on links to Anti-Feminist Bingo and Anti-Feminist Bingo #2 – since comments on those posts have been long closed, I invite you to comment here instead, should you feel so inclined.

For regular readers wondering why the uptick, that would be mostly the ongoing Threads of Doom [warning: the comments are generally full of flamefests and obstreperating anti-feminism] elsewhere about Ed Rybicki and #womanspace, cute little bunnies, and the never-ending misogyny-mocking over at Manboobz.

Since there seems to be a certain thread weaving through all these discussions regarding the supposedly oh-so-enormous differences between men and women that feminists are just in denial about, it seems like a good place to embed Terri Oda’s classic educational slideshow: How does biology explain the low numbers of women in computer science? Hint: it doesn’t., because so much of the data is applicable to essentialist arguments outside computer science as well.

There’s also these other social justice Bingo cards to add to your contrarian-wrangling collection:

I haven’t updated the list of Bingo links for a while, so I’m sure there are some new ones out there as well.  Please do share links if you have them.

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  1. tigtog, i imagine it could be correlated with the USian blogs ongoing discussion of #womanspace (which was published in Nature/NPG)
    e.g. Jacquelyn Gill has this post (see : link “Anti-feminist bingo) on her blog which links to one of *your bingos (which i also clicked on to see to which website it links 😉 :

    • Thanks Angelika – #womanspace is what I meant by ‘Ed Rybicki’, but it would have been clearer if I’d used that tag as well.
      I think I’ll add it to the post now.

  2. sorry tigtog, i didn’t write E. R. in my comment – since i find e.g. the stuff he wrote and his ongoing trolling on different blogs simply unspeakable/beyond pc-words.
    and thank you for putting up all the bingos/again – a great resource !

  3. p.s. a “classic” derailment-Bingo (based on “derailing for dummies) :

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