Fat Hate Bingo!

For those who enjoyed Antifeminist Bingo:

Via Kate Harding, now co blogging at Shakesville:

Fat Hate Bingo from BStu!

Fat Hate Bingo

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  1. Hee hee, I love bingo cards. I’m going to link this one. I am so so so sick of discussions about eating disorders/unhealthy beauty standards being derailed by “but, but, but, OBESITY!”
    I think this fabulous bingo card got lost in a 600 comment flamewar at Witchy Woo’s, but here is Postfeminist bingo courtesy of shannon. It’s kind of offensive but radfem that I am, I thought it was funny.

  2. I confess to a couple of giggles in that one, and I understand where the sentiment is coming from. Do you have a link to the thread, by the way? I’m nosy.

  3. This is great. I’ve really been enjoying reading Kate’s stuff and a lot of the bloggers she links to. Lots of the fat myths I already knew, but it’s amazing how many I find I’d heard and incorporated without examination.

  4. Thanks for the link, lovelies! BStu rocks.
    Lots of the fat myths I already knew, but it’s amazing how many I find I’d heard and incorporated without examination.
    Yep — I’ve either said or failed to criticize a lot of the things on that card in the past, especially in my “I’ve been saved!” dieting days. So much of this stuff just gets repeated over and over and over, it’s not a wonder even sharp critical thinkers end up brainwashed. Now that I’m analyzing articles on obesity on a pretty regular basis, I am stunned and sickened by how many use something like, “We all know carrying extra weight is terrible for your health” as a jumping off point. No citations, not even a glancing effort to fact check that statement. We all know it! Ergo, it’s true!
    And if you’ve been fat and spent whatever percentage of your life hating yourself for it, the cognitive dissonance when you see all the myths debunked can be a killer. It’s seriously like hearing that black is white and down is up — except, deep down, it totally makes intuitive sense that black might really BE white, and down, up. Getting your head around that is a hell of a job. I spent, like, 2 years in the “Okay, BUT…” stage of fat acceptance, so I actually have a real soft spot for the commenters who are obviously there, even if they say things that irritate me.
    The people who simply have no interest in examining what they’ve uncritically accepted as the truth, however? Can bite me.

  5. I’d like to see more people called out on “Well, I guess it’s ok to be fat, so long as you’re healthy.”

  6. Lauredhel-
    Relevant thread at Witchy Woo’s is here:
    An Object Lesson
    (I show up a few times under my old identity, mostly to go “what? what’s going on?”)
    A lot of this happened before I frequented the feminist blogosphere much, but this link may help explain *some* things
    Operation Wasp
    (Most of the content has been pulled offline)
    shannon’s commentary:
    Postfeminism watch
    (There’s some really good stuff at egotistical whining under the April 07 archives)
    In case you noticed, I’m a bit fixated, he he

  7. Eek, the link didn’t work, but at egotistical whining there are several entries in the April 2007 archives, near the top.

  8. I’m hoping this link to the bingo works…
    Also I note that i see a lot of but someone called me anorexic in my internet mileu

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