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Hoyden About Town is looking forward to the finalist voting in the 2008 Weblog Awards. Because it’s school holidays and tigtog and I are family-focussed right now, I’ve put together a few of my posts from the past, in the categories Feminism, Breasts, bodies and birth, Bad science, Big pharma, and Disability. They’re not chosen for any strict criteria – just the posts I found memorable, the ones linked a lot, the ones that attracted lots of comments. I’m not sure whether tigtog will find time to do the same (but I hope so!) This should be fun for relative newcomers to Hoyden About Town as well as for people cruising the Weblog Awards nominees.

If you have a favourite Hoyden post, do please feel free to add it in comments for the appropriate category. Enjoy.

Women still the sex class in international elite sports

Passive Aggression: Foregrounding the Object and
Foregrounding the object redux: rape research from the UK

Anti-feminist-Bingo! A master-class in sexual entitlement. and
AntiFeminist Bingo 2

Fundiewatch: a Catholic prenatal diagnosis “counselling service” and
“Pro-life” Archbishop Hart’s murderous misogyny

Friday Hoyden: Top 10 reasons I love The Sound of Music and
Friday Hoyden: Little My

Republican sexism watch: Sarah Palin gives us no evidence that she values girls and
Sarah Palin feminism watch #3: the RNC and the “girls in between”

Styling womanhood

Monica Dux thinks I’m bad for feminism’s image

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