Femmostroppo Reader – June 22, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Activism at the World Cup
  • – “”We Support the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo for the Nobel Peace Prize.””

  • Yummy Bites of the Day
  • – linkalicious

  • A Coupla Things
  • – “When people boil down the harassment, vilification, and re-victimization that victims are trying to avoid as, “Rape victim doesn’t want justice! What can you do!”, I think they’re utterly relieved to have their lack of responsibility validated.”

  • Quote of the Day
  • – Yeah, why doesn’t the vaunted free market compete for the fat dollar?

  • Size Matters
  • – “I’m not really sure what to do with this information, other than share it and then VOMIT IN TERROR”

  • Another Post About Heartlessness
  • – “Never believe anybody who says that if you cut them off, they will hate you forever. What they are really saying is that they will be thinking about you forever, and they are terrified that you won’t be.”

  • Quick hit: how not to stop rape 101
  • – “These “female condoms with teeth” are premised on a woman being raped. For the thing to have any effectiveness, women have to be raped first. It puts all the responsibility on the woman choosing when and where to wear the thing, for her own safety no doubt. It completely disappears her in the process, it doesn’t protect her, console her or prevent her from being raped.”

Disclaimer/SotBO: a link here is not necessarily an endorsement of all opinions of the post author(s) either in the particular post or of their writing in general.

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