A novel gift idea

The Australian has the best headline on this: Snip in time for your Valentine. If you don’t want more children than you already have, then give your beloved your vasectomy for Valentine’s Day, and free her from contraceptive worries, says… Read More ›

Grieving again

The fabulous picture above was done by Olduvai George a few years ago, portraying Chris Clarke and his dog Zeke in the Pleistocene Death Valley. (hat-tip, Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony) A few days ago I found out through… Read More ›

Weekend walking

So, mr tog and I decided, on our return from abroad, that we really should keep up this walking-around-with-the-kids habit we’d developed over the 4 weeks of sightseeing. Instead of just lounging around the house on Saturdays, we should get… Read More ›

Back, jetlagged

Arrived 6:25 yesterday (Monday) am from Heathrow after spending a few days in the old haunts around Wales (one afternoon with our neighbours and I had the lilt back again). Slept midmorning 1:30pm, out for lunch at the beach with… Read More ›

La plume de ma tante sent comme le fromage

Not actually, but the cupboard of my kitchenette here near the rue Faubourg Saint-Antoine smells of glorious unpasteurised Camembert (the texture of Tasmanian/King Island brie/camembert is excellent, but pasteurisation kills the best part of the taste). We have been buying… Read More ›

Saving this for the 21st

I get to see my new niece for the first time tomorrow, although I’ve been sent many fine pictures of this mighty fine specimen. She looks lovely, and the parents look happy, in those other shots. But this one has… Read More ›