A novel gift idea

The Australian has the best headline on this: Snip in time for your Valentine. If you don’t want more children than you already have, then give your beloved your vasectomy for Valentine’s Day, and free her from contraceptive worries, says sexual health organisation Marie Stopes International.

In more vasectomy news, apparently New Zealand is one of the few countries where vasectomies outnumber hysterectomies (no figures are given for the more common tubal ligation operation, but outnumbering hysterectomies is a good start). Approx. 18% of Kiwi men have had the snip, with the rate increasingly rapidly in recent years since a no-scalpel procedure has been developed (the improved success of reversal surgery probably influences this as well).

Now, my husband got the snip after the birth of our second child and the lifting of the contraceptive burden was a fabulous gift from him to me. I also know three men in my immediate social circle who have had vasectomies, and then for various relationship reasons had them successfully reversed resulting in much-wanted pregnancies. So while the snip can be permanent, it is not irrevocable should situations change.

So, I thoroughly endorse the vasectomy-gift idea. If you have no plans to change your current offspring count, and haven’t been able to come up with a present this year, why not make up a gift-certificate promising a near-future snip? How many other women would be keen on this? And what does TEH BLOKE HIVEMIND think?

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  1. Absolutely. just as soon as I find the spare cash, in fact. . .

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