Saving this for the 21st

I get to see my new niece for the first time tomorrow, although I’ve been sent many fine pictures of this mighty fine specimen.

She looks lovely, and the parents look happy, in those other shots. But this one has just that certain something.

First Bath At Hospital

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  1. That’s an excellent photo, Anne Geddes without all the cutesy costumes. (I’m a big fan of Geddes, even with the costumes; I think a lot of them are creative and whimsical, and I enjoy small doses of whimsey.)
    Puts me in mind of this photo.

  2. Vicki, that’s a lovely shot. I can see why my niece’s bath shot brought it to mind.
    She’s very very sweet and tiny (a change from my two bruisers who were both over 10lbs). Poor mum is having problems with sleep deprivation as bub is still on the active=nights sleepy-days schedule, but hopefully that will get sorted out in the next weeks.

  3. When The Tormentor was born, after a very reluctant entry into the world, he was whisked off to the nursery for obs. With his birth mum still out of it in recovery I pottered up to hover uselessly beside his humi-crib. He turned his head, focused on my face, and looked and looked and looked. I still get mushy. Someone remind me of this when he crashes the car unlicensed at 15.

  4. Of course if it was a private hospital the baby would have a bottle of decent wine and a tiny aqualung.

  5. And a mink towel for afterwards!

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