La plume de ma tante sent comme le fromage

Not actually, but the cupboard of my kitchenette here near the rue Faubourg Saint-Antoine smells of glorious unpasteurised Camembert (the texture of Tasmanian/King Island brie/camembert is excellent, but pasteurisation kills the best part of the taste).

We have been buying our food fresh from the streetside shops just like proper Parisians. We walked home yesterday with piping hot baguettes and meat and veg to tide us over the Xmas break. The sprogs are grateful thus far that we haven’t bought anything grotesque, as the tigling describes bits of food that actually acknowledge their once living origins. Everything here tastes so good – even simple butter and strawberry jam on fresh bread. Last night we had pan-fried l’hampe de boeuf with mushrooms, jacket potatoes and soft lettuce, with the mushrooms just glazed with a little red wine. A very simple meal, cooked in our own room, with top ingredients. Gorgeous.

The presents are wrapped and we have a mini-poinsettia arrangment with pinecones etc for a tree, and we are making paper chains enhanced with glitter glue to brighten up the room. We are missing the rellos, but we will have a lovely day.

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  1. Sounds just wonderful.

  2. merry-belated-Christmas – hope it was indeed wonderful.
    We had snow, too, in Victoria!! Kerrrr- razyyyyy…..

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