school holidays

School Holiday Baking

I found a couple of spoons today, so we baked! Dumped a load of the usual into the bread machine on “Dough” cycle – a wholemeal poppyseed recipe, but with a shake of caster sugar and a handful or three… Read More ›

“What do the gorgons represent?”

Today’s school holidays lazyblogging draws on our referrer logs. I’ve edited out those without both hands on the keyboard, which leaves very little, percentage-wise. Here’s a sampling of search terms used by this week’s googlers. very fantastic hairy women with… Read More ›

Scary hands

I just watched a bunch of kids at a school holidays kids’ club playing a tipping/tagging game – the one where originally there’s only a single “it”, but as they tag others to become “it” they all have to hold… Read More ›

OK, I’m off (shortly)

I will be getting up very early in the morning to head off for holidays in accommodation with no net access. I Will Not Be Turning The Computer On Before I Go. There is net access at internet cafs and… Read More ›


School holidays continue to fog my brain. Methinks I have a touch of the writers’ block. There’s been a lot of stuff about 1968 around, seeing as apparently many journalists laboriously counted their fingers and toes twice and realised that… Read More ›