School Holiday Baking

I found a couple of spoons today, so we baked!


Dumped a load of the usual into the bread machine on “Dough” cycle – a wholemeal poppyseed recipe, but with a shake of caster sugar and a handful or three of sultanas. I also added a couple of teaspoons of orange juice as an extra booster, as it was 80% wholemeal flour, which doesn’t tend to rise quite so well.

Once the dough was done, the Lad came and helped. We punched down and kneaded the dough briefly on a floured board, then pressed the dough out into a rectangle. We spooned on melted butter (replace with Nuttelex or coconut oil for a vegan alternative), and sprinkled it generously with a mix of cinnamon and caster sugar. Then I rolled it up, cut it out, and set the spirals out into a greased baking pan.

We ladled a little excess melted butter onto the spirals, then covered with plastic wrap and placed into the oven just on the “light on” setting to rise for an hour. Then baked at 180 deg C for 25 minutes, and out!

Here they are, unglazed. I’ll make a glaze of icing sugar, milk, and a little vanilla, once they’re cool.



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  1. That looks absolutely beautiful.
    Frustrated by the low availability (and quality) of samosas hereabouts, I tried making my own curry puffs with bought frozen puff pastry sheets. Not samosas as such, as Deep Frying = Not my Scene. (Pancakes are messy enough!)
    I found that cutting the sheet into nine squares tic tac toe style yielded some nice party size triangles, while cutting them into four yielded a more useful picnic/lunch size. I had to be very careful with the potato/carrot/pea/spice mixture for the former as you have to allow for the edges. I brushed them with oil instead of egg to make them curry puff-y rather than Cornish Pasty-ish, after which I was reminded that the little guy who’d staying with us is egg allergic. Yay for serendipity! [Punches air]
    The little one I tasted was OK, but needed salt. I didn’t get to taste the others as they were all quickly hoovered up – which is a good sign!

  2. Helen: your curry puffs are sounding delicious. Mmm, must make pasties and empanadas again.

  3. I’ve been waiting a week to get any baking done as it’s been sweltering in the UK for the past few days (Aussie-style summer temperatures around the 30 degree mark) but finally got a pan of “slice” out last night. Strictly speaking it’s a low GI dried-fruit cake from the first Cooking with Conscience book but there is so little ‘cake’ in it compared to the fruit there may be issues with the Trades Description Act.
    Not doing much cooking at the moment also because I melted through the power cord on my Kenwood Chef so I’ve lost the food processor too and am relying on knives (VERY bad news with hand tremors). It WILL get fixed but as I have no car and the repairer is half an hour out of town and totally inaccessible, it may take some time.

  4. OK, I figured out how to log in and of course it’s a food post. I’m drooling.
    And I’ve learned what “caster sugar” and “sultanas” are! I do love Google.

  5. Watched Masterchef last night: Five finalists had to cook a dinner party for Margaret Fulton, Jacques Reymond and some other luminaries whose names I forget. I already said on the other thread I loooooove Margaret Fulton, perhaps because she looks a bit like my Mum. I had a bit of a difference of opinion with Zoe over Chris – She likes him, I’m a bit agin him – but it was very sad that the ONE time he had a failure had to be when they were cooking for the four iconic chefs!! I so felt for him! But I felt a huge steak was kind of simplistic for a thing like this.
    Exploding boy is glued to Masterchef and has been even more inclined to come into the kitchen and cook – he was like this before. He asked to learn to make fried rice the other night and it kicked ass, people.

  6. I’ve been drooling over these all week Lauredhel, and I’ve just gobbled some leftover spag bol (I cooked it for the first time ever and tried to make it interesting – not bad) but now I wants a cinnamon scroll or something similarly squidgy and yum! Hurrah for kids cooking! Mini FP to make brownies for tomorrow’s ‘Christmas in july’ – so much food planned (possibly also home made bread if I can get my act together) YUM!

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