PC, really

I don’t go visit Zuky nearly as much as I mean to. It’s not only that Kai has a terrific way with words:

busting out these 3-syllable badges of faux-erudition with about as much linguistic adroitness as tap-dancers on stilts.

…but he also has a terrific way with framing and analysing. Go read Zuky on the clichéd propaganda of “Political Correctness”.

Calling someone who says or does bigoted things “a bigot” isn’t censorious, it’s descriptively accurate, like calling a bad movie “a bad movie”, even if the bigot didn’t intend to come off as bigoted and the movie didn’t intend to come off as bad.

Amen, brother.

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  1. tigtog,
    Thanks for the kind words, here and in the comments at Zuky. I also noticed that Sour Duck (and subsequently blogher) picked up your post. Oh and by the way I’ve been doing occasional lurking here for some months. Your blog rocks.

  2. Kai,

    glad to see the article was picked up for wider dissemination. Thanks for dropping by and lurking.

  3. Ah yes, the Left waxes indignant about being painted with the Politically Correct brush.
    What they fail to admit is that the ideologies that pursue ‘PC’ policies are merely advocating the silencing and censoring of the thoughts and actions of others. The little totalitarian reservations we refer to as college campuses reek of speech codes and censorship as the fascists of the Left seek to mold us into their Orwellian servants in preparation for the coming utopia. They are all about free speech and tolerance and diversity and sensitivity and multiculturalism until one dares to openly admit to being pro-life, or a believer in traditional morality, or that a family should consist of a man and a woman and any offspring they may have, or to being a born again Christian, or that Israel has the right to exist, or that private gun ownership is commendable, or that maybe we should not allow in millions of illegal aliens every year….. Suddenly all that great liberal love and tenderness is thrown out the window and all that is left is the naked viciousness and intolerance of Political Correctness.
    I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, and I spent my college years fighting and exposing it. It’s not about calling Asian Americans ‘Chinks’ or women ‘bitches’ (red herring arguments at best), but about having the right to debate the issues of the day with full intellectual honesty. When debate is stifled and speech curtailed because of everyone being petrified of causing ‘perpetual outrage’ due to an innocent comment or label that wasn’t quite phrased right or may have ‘offended’ someone, then we have lost a valuable part of what made us a great nation. Those who would perform a collective intellectual lobotomy, and their goose stepping cadres shouting bumper sticker slogans, are the enemy and we’ve labeled their speech codes ‘Political Correctness’.
    It deserves every mockery and word of derision it has ever received.

  4. Wow, I wonder how many blogs you’ve posted that on today seeing as this post is nearly 4 months old. Did you even read any of them or did you just search on “PC”?
    I may, if I’m really bored, fisk your comment later.

  5. Ah, I see our friend came over from Kai’s joint, where he did indeed cut and paste the exact same screed. Lacking a bit of imagination, aren’t you Monsieur Sage?

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