It’s all connected: story and song

Stuff I’m reading [click through to the links for context]: I’m reading girlejones at mynxii’s place: The arts are the mechanism through which individuals of society express themselves, commentate and protest. It’s what gives individuals a voice and it’s a… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Gwen Cooper

From the Torchwood Institute in Cardiff: croeso y Cymru, iechyd da! This is basically just an excuse to remind you all that this year’s Torchwood eps (entitled Children of Earth) hit Aussie cable screens on UKTV next week: 5 nights… Read More ›

Whoydensday: Fanvids!

O, video editing software, how I love thee so! Actually, I have very little skill with video editing software, nor do I have the time to acquire such skills, but fortunately, there are plenty of people with an abundance of… Read More ›