Whoydensday: Planet of the Dead on ABC this Sunday

The first of the 2009 Doctor Who specials will air in Australia this Sunday May 31st, on ABC1 at 7:30pm. Woo! It guest stars Michelle Ryan as the completely kick-arse Lady Christina de Souza.

Also, it seems that in June, Torchwood S1 will air on ABC2. In honour of this occurance, we must, of course, have a gratuitous Season 1 sexy picspam below the fold (all images are work-safe):

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  1. Yay – we’re looking forward to Planet of the Dead very much. That desert looks hot 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous of you all in Australia and the UK. I have no idea when we will get those episodes in the States. *pouts*

  3. I thought it was rubbish. Sorry. Not even the presence of Tennant and the excellent Ryan made up for the really slack story.
    DeusExMacintosh’s last blog post..Lest we forget

  4. While I would hardly say it’s one of the best episodes I’ve seen, I didn’t have any huge problems with it. I thought the story was fun, and by the end I felt genuinely sad that the Doctor wasn’t going to take Christina with him in the TARDIS, even though I can see that it wouldn’t work from both a practical and narrative standpoint.

  5. I’m with Beppie – it had its moments, was largely fun, but wasn’t a stand-out. Of course, as only the first of this year’s specials, this is supposed to be an appetite whetter rather than the main course, which sounds like it will be a spectacularly OTT romp in November with some dark resolution for the finale in December, where we will meet the 11th Doctor (UK broadcast dates).
    Anyway, as a jokie, I squeed at Lee Evans’ boffin. Top hole. I hope he gets the chance to shine again this year.
    ETA: I also enjoyed the UNIT C.O. – and the Doctor’s idea that she maybe had a place for the two aimless lads to find a purpose.

  6. Yes, the UNIT C. O. was great, wasn’t she? 🙂

  7. Beppie, re Christina not in the TARDIS but flying off with an anti-gravity-fitted bus, my kids were worried that she’d be really conspicuous even though it was such a great getaway vehicle. I pointed out that the clamps and guidance system came off, and wondered which sports car she’d choose to install them upon?

  8. I pointed out that the clamps and guidance system came off, and wondered which sports car she’d choose to install them upon?
    Fan fiction to the rescue:
    Pros and Cons by 51stCenturyFox.

  9. @ DEM, I was really disappointed as well. They could have done so much more. I thought the fly people being eaten was a bit of an easy way out, instead of having humans (apart from Christina whose easy acceptance bothered me too) having to deal with the fact of alien life. In fact everyone, apart from the Doctor of course and the bus driver, were just a little too accepting of being on another planet. I suppose some of them had lived through different stuff happening in London in previous series, but still it was all a bit too pat for me. There was no tension is what I think I’m trying to say. Although the words from Carmen at the end nearly made up for all that. The good bits were the mad scientist and the kick a*se C.O. I hope we see more of her.

  10. Actually, yeah, the fly people thing did bother me a bit, simply because they seemed a bit like a sacrificial cultural other.
    The people on the bus though — they were starting to freak out, but I think they were saved from a total meltdown by Christina’s awesome.

  11. lalibertine #3, BBC America has just announced the airing dates for the ’08 Christmas Special (wow, I thought our ABC was bad) and this Easter Special:

    ”The Next Doctor” airs Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
    On July 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, we will get to see the first of four Doctor Who specials shot in HD with Doctor Who: Planet Of The Dead.”

    So there you go!

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