Whoydensday: Karen Gillan (plus, new Torchwood trailer!)

This week it was revealed that Karen Gillan (who appeared as a soothsayer in “The Fires of Pompeii”) will be joining Matt Smith in 2010 as the Doctor’s Companion. We know nothing yet about the character she will play — will she, like Gillan, have a Scottish accent? Will she be from the past? The future? Will she be human?

What would you like to see in Steven Moffat’s first series?

Also this week, the BBC and BBC America released a new Torchwood S3 trailer, which you can find (along with a transcript) beneath the fold:



[Children sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in a creepy minor key.]

Woman’s Voice: Steven?

Various Children: We. Are. Coming. [Interspersed with children screaming.] We are coming. We are coming. We are coming.

Jack: GASP [Coming back to life.]

Gwen: I’m recording this in case anyone ever finds it, so you can see… you can see how the world ended.

Newsreader: Every child has stopped, every single child in the world.

Gwen: But they just stopped.

UNIT Man: Every other child stopped at the same time, and not just in Britian.

Ianto: Reports coming in, Norway, Sweden—

UNIT Man: –India, Egypt—

Ianto: —Bosnia, Tokyo—

UNIT Man: —Singapore.

Child on TV: We are coming.

Jack: Oh my god.

UNIT Man: So far, we’re the only ones with the software clever enough to piece this all together. Well, us and Torchwood.

Gwen [falling to the ground]: Uh!

Assassin Woman: Target one’s eliminated. Two and three have escaped, but we’re in pursuit.

Unidentified Woman: Who do you work for?

Unidentified Woman: A man who can’t die has got nothing to fear. So you watch it. And you keep watching.

Man in a Suit: Either we go to war against an enemy we can’t beat, or we go to war against our own people, for their own good.

Older Man: They’re coming!

Gwen: I think you’ve seen aliens too.

Older Man: But they’re coming back.

Children: We are coming.

Ianto: This is what we do, we deal with things like this.

Children: We are coming.

Parent: Please.

Another Suit Man: It’s happening again.

Ianto: Come on.

Gwen [against a background of riots]: Right now, you lot need us. The whole world needs us. We can help.

Children: We are here.

So deliciously creepy!

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8 replies

  1. Re: New Companion.
    I believe, in my soul, that Donna is coming back. (Oh, I have thoughts on Doctor-Donna and omg Davros wtf.) Which would mean two companions! And I think this one will be from Pompeii, and the Doctor will have gone back to save her (having been thinking about what Donna said before) and then there will be two awesome red heads on the show.
    *sticks fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA. It will happen this way!

  2. Oooo! Creepy kids! Excellent.
    As for the new companion… I’m betting she’s going to be from the 51st century. Stephen Moffat seems to have a small obsession with that particular period…

  3. She’s got red hair … will restoring Donna’s memory involve a reversal of the aging process and Gillan will in fact being playing a young Donna? Enquiring minds want to know!

  4. I haven’t watched Torchwood before, but I think I’ll have to start. That looks really good, really creepy like some of the best Dr Who stuff.

  5. Nooooooooo, not another young girly female companion! Donna was at least an older female companion, but I bet if Tate hadn’t stepped up to the plate, Penny who-would-have-been would have been a young girly female companion. From London. I am not liking all the uber-heterosexual dynamics going on. I mean, I like some romance and sexual tension, I’m not a looooooomer, but as something that has to ultimately define the Doctor and companion? No, I’m sick of it, get some other dynamics going on, some other tensions and differences.
    And I’m a bit scared of Moffat’s ideas around women, you see, so that is fuelling my apprehension. But hey, if we have to have a young girly (presumably solidly safely heterosexual) female companion, could we at least have her being from somewhere that that the audience can’t immediately relate to (present day London)? That would give her a bit of zing, and make her less of a blank canvas to be impressed upon. And could we have some more male companions along for the ride? Or anyone else really?

  6. Calyx, I’m a little apprehensive about Moffat’s attitudes towards women too, but to be fair, he has presented us with some really strong female characters, like Nancy, Reinette, and River Song. I am hoping that, if flocking101 is correct, and the new companion hails from the 51st century, that we will see an ongoing female character who identifies as omnisexual (although I’m not holding my breath).

  7. Ha ha ha I would love to see that! As long as we don’t get any veiled “lesbian spank inferno” type jokes.

  8. Nancy, Reinette, and River Song.
    And Sally Sparrow.
    On the whole, I’d rather see two companions than one.

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