Friday Hoyden: Gwen Cooper

From the Torchwood Institute in Cardiff: croeso y Cymru, iechyd da!

This is basically just an excuse to remind you all that this year’s Torchwood eps (entitled Children of Earth) hit Aussie cable screens on UKTV next week: 5 nights of telly in a row starting on Tuesday (we were invited to be part of the throng schmoozing with an international comedian next week, and we turned it down because we’re going to watch Torchwood instead, have we got our priorities right or what?*).

I can’t remember the last time a miniseries was scheduled to be broadcast on consecutive nights. It gives it a real sense of occasion, and I’m really looking forward to it.

*to be honest, I’m very probably going to catch him on Monday night at another comedy room (“Special Guest UK”) so it was a pretty easy choice for me!

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  1. I ❤ Gwen, except when I want to hate her, and I think the “I want to hate Gwen” stuff is on purpose by the writers. She’s so awesome, overall. 🙂

  2. Arrgh! I’m suffering one of my rare “I wish we had cable” moments…
    …aaaand all better now. Will have to make alternative arrangements instead.

  3. I like Gwen, it’s Rhys I hate. He’s a twerp.
    You’re getting it in Australia the same time as the UK for a change. I don’t have an issue with the format either, but John Barrowman’s been whingeing. Proof positive that he’s a Pom despite the American accent.

    Barrowman told the Radio Times: “I’m going to get a little political and I’ll probably get into trouble for it.”
    He continued: “We were the most successful show on BBC3, ever.
    “We moved to BBC2 because the ratings were so good; the ratings were great again (averaging 3.1 million) and we were beating shows that had been on BBC2 for a long time.
    “The decision was made to go to BBC1 – and then we were cut. From 13 episodes down to five.
    “The five episodes, the mini-series as I call it, are incredible – I have no doubt about that – but personally, I felt like we were being punished.
    “Other shows move from BBC3 and 2 to 1, and they don’t get cut. So why are we? It felt like every time we moved we had to prove ourselves.”

    Radio Times magazine has a bi-fold Torchwood cover and multipage article (they even got to sit in for the first read-through). Am still looking for an online link for this.

  4. It’s showing in the US starting Tuesday too. Yay!

  5. Oh, I can’t wait!!! (As you can probably guess!)
    (Sorry, btw, that I’ve dropped the ball on Whoydensday lately — thesis eating my brain!)
    Anyway, the spoilers I’ve read for this series make me even more excited for it, and I’m just hoping that I manage to get some uni work done in between all the cliffhangers. It’s going to be epic.
    Also, for people who can’t wait, you can listen to three radio plays on the BBC 4 Listen Again site:
    Asylum (in which Jack is kind of a xenophobic jerk, but Gwen is pretty damn awesome).
    The Golden Age (which explores Torchwood’s Colonialist past).
    The Dead Line (which has lots of lovely Gwen, plus a treat for J/I shippers).
    The plays should be up there for another few days at least, and you can listen to them anywhere in the world, although downloads are only available to lucky UK people.
    And thank you so very much for the Gwen-love! She cops far too much hatred in Torchwood fandom (usually for doing things that male characters are pretty much given a free pass for).

  6. *boggle*

    Wow. Only one more sleep to go!

  7. Watched it on ABC2 on Friday night. Still the first series, so Gwen is only new. Also watched Almost Human – very funny.

  8. Right, just back from the shops. Got the microwave popcorn, got the jelly snakes and am all set. Just over two hours to go until UK screening and counting…

  9. Just watched ep. 1. Fangirl says “oooooh”.

  10. Only 10 and a bit more hours to go here!

  11. Oh no, I just found out we’re not getting the miniseries until the 20th. I had Torchwood confused with the new SyFy program Warehouse 13 or whatever. No fair!

  12. I’ll second that “ooooooh”!

  13. I thought it was great, aside from the faily racism (Filipino chimney sweep, wtf!?).

    Eve Myles gave a particularly good performance, and I really liked the new characters we met (Lois, Frobisher, Clem, Alice, Rhi).

  14. I missed the chimney sweep bit.
    I like the new characters as well. Especially Lois & Clem.

  15. Just watched ep. 2. Fangirl says “ouch”.

  16. @ DeusExMacintosh:
    Oh yes. Many ouches. A few more to come too, methinks.

  17. That second epiosde was brilliant though, wasn’t it?
    Also, the latest offering from ihazastopwatch (may be NSFW). This made me LOL.

  18. ROFLMAOABTC!!!11!1!

  19. This episode had some wonderful Bechdel passing moments between Gwen and Lois too.

    Oh, I HOPE HOPE HOPE Lois joins the team after this series!

  20. Naked Jack!!!!!! Jack naked!!!

  21. Felt like the second episode was treading water somewhat, a couple of plot essentials in there but whether they required an entire episode, I’m not sure. Will reserve judgement until I’ve seen the remaining three.

  22. @ Beppie:
    I’m liking Lois hugely too. Ianto’s BIL has some boofy strengths, and I’m enjoying the glimpses of family backstory with his sister.
    I also loved this exchange (that was part of the trailer, so no spoilers) delivered with such lovely underplaying from Ianto:
    Q: WHAT kind of civil servants ARE you?
    A: Unappreciated ones.

  23. Just watched ep. 3. Fangirl says “whoa”.

  24. @ DeusExMacintosh:
    Dunno, the Ep.2 plot needed some time for the MacGuffin* to get built, and using that time to build the sense of threat to the team (and give the team a chance to Bring Teh Awesome as they solved some of the initial problems posed by the threat) worked for me.
    I get a sense that some of the elements in the explication around the narrative are there to let BBC1 viewers clearly understand character essentials, because they may not have caught Torchwood when it was on BBC2/BBC3 (when I lived in Wales the fact that we mostly watched BBC2 was enough to have people in the street treat us as intellectuals).
    *ah, but maybe it’s not just a MacGuffin – who knows?

  25. Sorry DEM, just realised that our comments crossed – I was responding to your earlier comment. Looking forward to Ep. 3!

  26. I’ve just watched Day Three on YouTube: who can wait 8 hours until tonight?
    Fantastic, is all I’ll say, with a great cliffhanger at the end.
    Minor gripe, though; too much Jack/Ianto prick teasing and not enough follow though.

  27. My bitterness, let me show you.
    So, who has money riding on Lois dying? I’ve got 10 quid with my friends who insist that so much awesome would have to survive, which is exactly why I think she’s not got long to last.

  28. Anna – I think you might be right. I reckon they’re making us like her so they can have an emotional death without killing off one of the main team.

  29. Any character who seems so conspicuously “plucky” may as well be wearing a red shirt as far as I’m concerned. But even if she doesn’t buy it, I imagine that Lois might have some serious second thoughts about joining Torchwood for purely ethical reasons if it means working with Jack.

  30. You know, I’m going to pull something vital keeping this thread spoiler free. Could we have an en-spoilered thread for detailed Torchwood discussion over the weekend please TigTog?

  31. I second this request! I ❤ talking about Torchwood: The Subtle Secret Organisation with the Hoydenz. 🙂

  32. TigTog@25:

    *ah, but maybe it’s not just a MacGuffin – who knows?

    Personally I suspect there’s a MacGuffin INSIDE the MacGuffin.

  33. Just watched ep. 4. Fangirl says “oh SHIT…”

  34. (and pardon the language.)

  35. thankyouthankyouthankyou

  36. Just watched ep. 5. Fangirl says “oh.”

  37. That seems…ambiguous. A chewy “oh”?

  38. No, more a deflated one. As in “Oh. Right then.”

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