I jinxed Aero Mexico

Only the other week I was saying how since 9/11 (and especially what happened on UA Flight 93) one didn’t hear about hijackings any more, that it appeared that potential hijackers had decided that the risk of being tackled by… Read More ›

One minister leaves, another returns

Should a sexual infidelity, no matter how salacious, be something that makes a politician resign? Do we really care who John Della Bosca is bonking?
In far happier news, Victoria’s Tim Holding found after spending two nights in sub-zero conditions.

Virtual travelling: Windy, isn’t it?

Last week it was Melbourne, I think Perth got blustery the week before, this week it’s Sydney. The photo below was taken by a Washington State photographer a few years ago, it was just the most appropriate shot I found in a quick image search.