Wot I did in Melbourne (by tigtog, age 45)

It was a work trip, reviewing comedy shows, so I was out every night doing exactly that. This meant that I missed a by all accounts legendary blogmeet on the Friday night – if I’d been organised enough to get a phone number or two I could have at least joined in the portion of it that rocked on after midnight, but who knew it was going to be that huge? Nabs will have to get me nissed as a pewt another time – maybe next year.

Gricers in the Mist

Taken yesterday at the Zig Zag heritage railway, near Lithgow, NSW. A gricer is a steam locomotive enthusiast, and my husband has been one since childhood. He got to ride on the footplate back up the mountain, so he won’t stop smiling about that for at least a week.

This shot was taken as they purged the boilers to get rid of waste sludge.

Fire Sale Books

Literally, a fire sale, selling sooty books. All these books were $1 or $2 from Elizabeth’s Books warehouse in Fremantle, which was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few classics that I’ve always meant to read as well as a few strays that caught my eye. Great for dipping into while on hols, especially for the 3-day train ride back home.

Virtual travelling: bubbles!

From one young photographer’s project: Things that I like to do…with bubbles All photos above originally uploaded by Honey Pie! This reminded my of how much fun I used to have with bubbles when I was a kid and when… Read More ›