Leaving Norway

Today is our last full day in the snowy North, as our plane leaves Oslo early tomorrow morning. We’d hoped to get back to Oslo yesterday, but our road was over high passes through the skifields from the FlÃ¥m railway,… Read More ›

Borrowing the reception’s computer

Here in Telemark we had fireworks and snow. It’s a bright sunny day bouncing off the fresh fall, and every now and then a clump of snow falls off a branch. It’s quiet, bright and glorious. Happy New Year, all.

La plume de ma tante sent comme le fromage

Not actually, but the cupboard of my kitchenette here near the rue Faubourg Saint-Antoine smells of glorious unpasteurised Camembert (the texture of Tasmanian/King Island brie/camembert is excellent, but pasteurisation kills the best part of the taste). We have been buying… Read More ›

Happy Solstice

It’s nearly dawn here in London, although back in Sydney the sun is about to set on Solstice day. This is the reason for the season. If plans had worked out slightly differently, I would be at Stonehenge this morning… Read More ›


On Monday we landed at 5:30am local time, checked in to our hotel and went walking. We ended up at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, which were about 1km away, and then came back to the hotel… Read More ›


Off on hols in an hour. Posting is intended, but may not be realised, as we travel. I will have email access every few days, so I do intend to keep in touch. The cat is very peeved. She’s not… Read More ›