Virtual travelling: who can choose?

Far too long since I did a faves mosaic

I just realised it was absolutely ages since I did a faves mosaic, of stuff that I’ve faved on Flickr lately. (I blame Anna’s sharing of the “cute otters” tag on Flickr entirely for the otter-heavy portion near the top). A couple of the shots have lost essential bits in being auto-cropped to a square thumbnail, especially the first one in the top row. Do click through some of the links below for the full pics.

1. Apathy, 2. The flying Angel, 3. Otters!, 4. Otters Sleeping, 5. Friendly Otters 2, 6. Aw…what a cute otter!, 7. road trip with the foreigners, 8. Asian Small-Clawed Otter., 9. Sea Otter, 10. Friendly Otters, 11. ‘Te limpié el disco.’, 12. 396ft and Breathless, 13. A Frog’s Curiosity, 14. Spooky Trees Bubble, 15. Great Court, British Museum, London, 16. Slavetotehtink / Tink 4, 17. Slavetotehtink / Tink 3, 18. Slavetotehtink / Tink 2, 19. firm grip, 20. Tuzz and her evil sister zzuT, 21. welcome to this alien world, 22. STS-125 Atlantis Solar Transit (200905120002HQ), 23. BrownPelican La Jolla Dec 08 3, 24. Happy Holidays, already!, 25. Short-eared Owl, 26. OMG!, 27. Untitled, 28. Run, Ouzo, Run!, 29. Crepuscular Rays over Lake Michigan [6525], 30. I rescued a human… (plus a special thanks to Sarah), 31. Things that I like to do…with bubbles! First thing: READ!, 32. Things that I like to do…with bubbles! Listen to music!, 33. Untitled, 34. UNUSUAL CELESTIAL FORMATION !!!, 35. He never listens to me!!, 36. Astronomical smiley face #2

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  1. #26 OMG! is a great advertisement for fisheye lenses. I’ve never been able to justify the price for a novelty lens, but maybe it’s time to cynically rework my friendships to favour people who own a lot of Canon lenses.

  2. I usually prefer dogs, but #27 almost converted me to a Cat Person. Almost…

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