Virtual travelling: Windy, isn’t it?

Last week it was Melbourne, I think Perth got blustery the week before, this week it’s Sydney. The photo below was taken by a Washington State photographer a few years ago, it was just the most appropriate shot I found in a quick image search.

tree blown down
Blow-Down, originally uploaded by compassionate on Flickr

So, on my way home this morning from running some errands, I saw a police car and two fire-trucks blocking one lane of traffic ahead. Due to wind warnings, I fully expected it to be a blown tree, and it was. Rather like this one above. The emergency workers were keeping traffic away from the downed power lines while they made sure there was no bits of tree on the road. It’s probably sorted by now.

Hope everyone else in a high wind area is managing to avoid the trees, or whatever other menacing manifestations of nature are causing apprehension.

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  1. Windy it is. Blew the roof right off the pergola at the house we rent out. Bits of said roof ended up in the neighbours’ yards.
    I’s like to raise a toast to good tenants. We checked the insurance policy and it has a $300 excess. We asked the tenant if he wanted to fix the problem himself for the $300, or have us send someone out. He chose the former and had it fixed by nightfall. He’s happy, we’re happy. Why can’t all relationships be so easy?

  2. This is cool!
    not sure whether admin magic can ‘borrow’ the image from the article?

  3. I don’t think we had any trees go down in our neighbourhood with the recent “hurricane”, but the wind was a bit much.

  4. We had a wild afternoon and night in Adelaide. No trees down near our place, but there were lots of small branches and pine cones on our back lawn this morning, for our pine tree (which I loathe, because it rain-shades my back yard, but it’s a “significant” tree, so we would have to get planning permission to remove it, and that’s a headache we can’t handle just now: I would far rather have a native tree there).
    A friend lives up in ‘the hills’. She said they had feathery snow falling there yesterday morning and today. Just a few flakes that didn’t settle, but enough to be noticeable.

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