Teeny tiny joey!

We encountered this fine mother and baby kangaroon on our morning walk, along with the rest of their mob enjoying the new grass shoots after the recent rain.

Today in old photos

We watched a doco about the wildlife of Iguaçu Falls on ABC1, and it brought back memories of our own honeymoon 20 years ago where we spent some time in South America.

Recently in airport security

A Scottish comedian whose name I can’t remember now once said (paraphrasing) “keep a close eye on how your airports are treating you, because that’s how the authorities would like to treat you all the time”.

Data roaming bill nightmares – any tips?

am about to google my arse off to find out how I should configure my iPhone before heading overseas later this year to avoid huge bills. Obviously turn off push notifications and turn off roaming and use local wireless wherever possible: what else?

Climbing Uluru and disrespect

Perhaps revelations over the last week regarding disrespectful shenanigans on top of Uluru will finally push the govt to honour the promises it made in 1983 to stop people climbing the rock?

Virtual Traveling: Stourhead, Wiltshire

Stourhead is an absolutely stunning landscape garden set in a river valley in Wiltshire which has been artfully dammed and diverted to make for a lovely meandering promenade with plenty of spots for sculptures and architectural follies to be scattered – it was one of the first gardens to be created according to the principles of the English Landscape Movement. There are also more rambling woodland walks full of enormous rhododendrons and other flowering shrubs amongst the trees.