On Monday we landed at 5:30am local time, checked in to our hotel and went walking. We ended up at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, which were about 1km away, and then came back to the hotel for a nap before meeting some friends for dinner (we slept through our projected meeting time and the kids fell asleep at the table – what great company the tigtogmob is!).

On Tuesday we took our bus tour and discovered that in winter the tickets last for 48 hours rather than the usual 24, so we’ve been taking full advantage (we’ve still got tomorrow morning left to play with, too). That’s made for footsore evenings and early snoring for us, but it’s still been good (although the kids aren’t quite as fascinated with the history as we are).

We’ve been doing the quick Museum/Gallery tour of London, plus seeing all the tourist bus bits, and then getting back to the hotel and falling straight asleep. And my laptop WiFi doesn’t work, making the free wireless broadband in the hotel lobby useless, so I have to wait my turn on the hotel complimentary computer.

The tigtogsprogs not being that into museums and galleries, we had to bribe them with the London Eye and Hamleys. The togster had three switches of desired Christmas object as we walked through the store and watched the demonstrators. I can see online shopping from Hamleys in my future for upcoming birthdays, oh yes indeed.

I feel a bit like the terrible tourists who check things off lists, though, because the kids have no patience. BM Reading Room, Egyptian colossi fragments, Elgin marbles, Rosetta Stone – check. Natural History Museum – archaeopteryx cast – check. National Gallery Impressionists – check.

Actually, the sprogs didn’t mind the Impressionists. They thought the way the pictures changed when you stood ten feet further back was cool, and the togster was totally sold when I compared Pointillist technique to pixellation. But now the tigling just really wants a chance to see Eragon.

My best moment so far has been today, purchasing what mr tog is giving me for Giftmas- a small silver Roman coin issued by Mark Antony to his legions. The soldiers and merchants and citizens who handled that coin as it was exchanged for various goods and services would have known the last Roman Republican Senators by their public performances well, and generally gossiped worse than Suetonius about them all. I’m totally thrilled to have it and handle it.

mr tog says I have officially outdone myself in quirky choice for Xmas gift. This is probably the geekiest thing I’ve ever wanted.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t pick up the fact that you were travelling o/s somehow. Have a great time — enjoy Mark Anthony’s coin!

  2. I am soo…. sooo…. JEALOUS.

  3. I’m with David. A wonderful trip. Btw, I have a special LP Christmas post for you and Steve Edney. You know what it is.

  4. mr tog has just received a Xmas present from British Airways. Heathrow is fogbound and our flight to Paris tomorrow has been cancelled, so (oh dear what a shame dearie me) we have to travel on the Eurostar through the Chunnel instead. Oh, how he is suffering: he’ll have to have the smile surgically removed from his face.

  5. Cool stuff! All of it. Glad you’re enjoying Europe.

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