Chris Clarke wants marsupial tales

So he’s tagged me with this Animeme, via Bora. I’m not that much into memes generally, but this one appeals to me. I’m afraid it takes me a little while to get to the marsupials, but I promise they’re here.

Wednesday Wow: A Heart Among Giant Desire

Found in my regular trawl through the WOW! flickr image pool.

I grew up as a bushwalker (hiker/rambler for you foreign types). I’ve never been to somewhere with trees quite like this, but it brings back fond memories of walks through quiet, wild spaces.

Belated Wednesday Wow: Go your way, I go mine

I got a good tip from the headphones guy in the hi-fi store last week (who is also a photographer, of course): when travelling, check out a city’s name in the Flickr tags and see what people like to photograph when there: you’ll get a lot more to see than just the tourist bureau picture postcards. What a brilliant idea.

I’m baaaaack!

And most remiss in not thanking the delicious Guest Hoyden’s for helping Lauredhel keep the blog ticking over in my absence until after I’d made two posts today. Thank you, thank you bluemilk, Helen on the Cast Iron Balcony, sajbrfem… Read More ›


Just for anyone else who learned to ski at Perisher Ski School in the 70s, the snow this week is so good that Pepe has turned up to ski for the first time in 15 years, and Hermie was out… Read More ›

Back in town. Hi!

We are back from five days up in Jurien Bay. What did I miss? Heading North for the winter is definitely a Good Thing. We went with two friends and their daughters. The kids got along just fine, and had… Read More ›

Back, jetlagged

Arrived 6:25 yesterday (Monday) am from Heathrow after spending a few days in the old haunts around Wales (one afternoon with our neighbours and I had the lilt back again). Slept midmorning 1:30pm, out for lunch at the beach with… Read More ›