Off on hols in an hour. Posting is intended, but may not be realised, as we travel. I will have email access every few days, so I do intend to keep in touch.

The cat is very peeved. She’s not sure that the young chap down the road who’s looking forward to being just that bit further away from mum and dad for the next few weeks really knows where the cat food is.

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  1. Landed safely. Attempting to get used to annoyingly just different enough to promote overconfidence British keyboard.

    Had a nice dinner tonight with a couple of longtime net acquaintances. Pity the kids were so jetlagged they were falling asleep at the table.

  2. Have a wondrful, fantastic holiday Tigtog!

  3. Hope you and the family have a really wonderful Christmas and holidays.
    I’ll look forward to holiday posts here if you get the chance to make them.
    Cheers, Ron …

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