Anthropological fascination link of the day

There’s smart/sassy remarks, making political points, social justice calls, promoting the latest hotspot, and shaming of friends/lovers behaving badly. Some of it is funny, some of it is progressive, lots of it is very reactionary, and wow: it’s hard to look away.

The Great Social Media Brownout

Twitter and Livejournal completely fell over around an hour ago, and Facebook has been bouncing up and down like a yo-yo. News sites and blogs are strangely silent about it all. TechCrunchers are speculating a little. DDoS, domino effect, outlandish… Read More ›


via Sylvia P, these, erm, C-string “undies”. Twenty nine euros apiece. Speculation abounds on Twitter about how they work – like 80s snap bracelets, we’re thinking, though there are other theories. Nezua suggest that they stay on adhered by pure… Read More ›

DNC protests – live stream

Denver Post: “Police use spray to force back protesters in Civic Center”. The protestors are thought to be part of Recreate 68. For those following the protests outside the Democratic National Convention, here’s a live stream. [Via bfp’s twitter.] Feel… Read More ›