Femmostroppo Reader – January 6, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Perpetrator Friendly Sexual Violence Prevention: Part 2
  • – “The flaws in this worldview are easy to spot once this worldview isn’t blindly accepted as the way the world works. Let’s apply the principles of this worldview to burglary.”

    Whenever someone who talks about rape uses phrases similar to “actual forced rapes,” that’s a danger signal to me. If you are quantifying one subset of rapes as actual rapes then you are semantically disqualifying all other rapes.

    To go back to my bank robbery analogy from part 1 we don’t talk about forcible bank robberies and coercive bank robberies even though bank robbers can do either of these. We talk about bank robbers.

    From my experience those who use this type of dividing line see rapists differently based on how they attempted or succeeded at raping someone. This is dangerous because it judges sex criminals based on the how and who of their crimes rather than on the crime itself.

    This dividing line gives us plenty of rapists who are 100% against forcing themselves on anybody. To them the how excuses the what of sex crimes. Since they would never abduct anybody off the street then they should be given the “he’s just a jerk” pass for the sex crimes they commit.

  • HRC's response to David Letterman's skit about transgender Obama nominee Amanda Simpson
  • – Late night TV comedy shows are meant to be predictable, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if the one cultural more they actually subverted was the reflex casual bigotry one?

  • Alternative medicine trumps science, resulting in tragedy.
  • – Vale Tamar Stitt.

  • The politics of Twittering – in India
  • – “The fact that Twitter is being used is mostly irrelevant. The novelty of that will soon fade, even with the media. It is the potential shift towards a political culture that expects closer engagement and openness which is significant.”

  • The outdoor industry doesn’t need to be offensive to get noticed
  • – “The UK’s outdoor marketing body, the Outdoor Advertising Association, has launched an interesting new campaign this week, telling the public that “Career Women Make Bad Mothers”. “

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  1. I wrote a thing! As a sort of response to the oldish lifestyle activism post at ffj. It’s not a diet, it’s lifestyle activism comparing individual “moral envirnonmental choices” like recycling to diets and diet talk. (Namely: they don’t work!)

  2. I enjoyed Where have all the g spots gone?, via the latest Feminist Carnival. I had never thought about the issue of a story about the g spot being much easier to get past an editor and easier to sell to advertisers than a story about the clitoris.

  3. Also Mel Chua’s Ceci n’est pas une excuse privilege analogy is popular in the geekfeministosphere at the moment.

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