Happy Anniversary to Us!

15 years married today. We’re taking the tigtogsprogs to Nana and Papa’s to stay for the night, and then we’re going out on the town for dinner and a show (Dylan Moran, Irish comedian who wrote/starred in Black Books).

So, you’re on your own for the day, people!

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  1. Hope it was a great day of renewal.

  2. Fifteen years, oh! Good for you, and enjoy your time together. It’s easy to lose track of each other in the day-to-dayness.

  3. Thankyou, we had a lovely day. We had dinner at a terrific Japanese restaurant in town which is kinda hidden at the back of an arcade – we were the only Caucasians there. Mr Tog tried sukiyaki for the first time, with the usual delicious but fiddly outcome, and the waitstaff were obviously concerned about how we would handle it. Best beef I’ve had since our honeymoon in Peru – I thought better actually, but Mr Tog thought not.Dylan Moran was excellent, although now that he’s happily married with little kids the misanthrope persona isn’t quite so convincing as it used to be. Plenty of laughs, but no gasping at cramping stomach muscles with tears streaming down the face as we had at Ross Noble’s show. Still, it’s hard not to love a show where the star smokes and drinks all the way through, then signs off telling the audience that we’ve all wasted enough time now, there’s life to live, so go home and assemble flat-pack furniture.

  4. Congratulations, a day late. Maybe two, this dateline thing is hard.Harry

  5. Thanks Harry. I continually struggle with the dateline too.

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