Mountains in autumn

Ten years ago my parents retired back to the home in which I spent my early childhood. It’s in the Lower Blue Mountains near one of the National Park entrances, and they have a magical backyard for children. We went up for a barbecue lunch on a perfect sunny autumn day, which seems as good an excuse as any to put up some links to my spanking new Flickr account.

parents’ backyard; Cardinal rose in front garden; neighbour’s cabbage-tree palm

There’s more photos in the “garden” set at the Flickr page, but again no shots of me and mine with clear faces, as I’m leading by example for the kids so far as safe-surfing goes. All their email goes to my inbox, for example. This monitoring will taper off as they grow older and become more cunning in their ways.

And my posting gap is explained by (1) my recalcitrant router, which has been threatened with sticky liquids and has decided to behave (2) Blogger playing silly buggers with loading posts – if you can see this it has decided to behave for the moment as well.

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  1. They are all beautiful photos but the rose one especially is hyper-real.

  2. I was really happy with that one, but can only take credit for noticing that I happened to be there at exactly the right time as the rose opened out.That particular bush only gets direct morning sun, being lightly shaded by a gum tree in the afternoon, so the flowers don’t tend to “blow” too quickly. Lucky for me.

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