Belated Friday Random 10 – First Ever iPod edition

So Mr Tog is the best spouse ever, and got me a video iPod for my anniversary gift. So far only have 129 songs on it, but ripping some Nick Cave as I write. Now I can join all the other bloggers copying Lauren of Feministe’s pop culture meme, although I fear I fall far short of the IMS standard regarding my playlist.

1. Like Someone in Love – Bjork
2. You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin
3. All Things Dull and Ugly – Monty Python
4. Hot Patootie Bless My Soul – Rocky Horror Picture Show
5. MLF Lullaby – Tom Lehrer
6. I’ve Got An Angel – Eurythmics
7. Save Me – Aretha Franklin
8. Baby I Love You – Aretha Franklin
9. A New England – Billy Bragg
10. Solar Plexus Kick – Switchblade Kittens

The new iPod seems a bit heavy on the Aretha love, although obviously it is simply not possible to have too much Aretha, so I forgive it. It’s probably an artifact of having uploaded Aretha’s 30 Greatest Hits, so I simply have more Aretha than anyone else at the moment.

I was discussing music with my 18 year-old niece yesterday, and that my “problem with music today” is I really like vocalists, being one myself, so that I tend to like music made by people who can sing, or at least who have good singers in the lineup. I’ll forgive sufficiently satirical singer/performers some vocal shortcomings if they’re clever enough, and I have a lingering affection for the hardly renowned for vocal subtleties punk genre, but I find few new performers fit my tastes in the contemporary charts.

I loathe the poptarts who overornament with insane trills in order to hide that they’re unable to hit a note cleanly, but I admire vocalists who play around with vocals-as-instrument, like Laurie Anderson or Bjork. And since seeing her most recent video-clips I’m gonna have to get me some P!nk, because the other thing I largely can’t stand in the contemporary scene is that the lyrics are inane vanillaheteroconsumeristpap or else misogynist crud, both of which drive me insane.

Now where did I put that Peggy Lee CD?

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