Save Nazanin

Save NazaninSpread the word about international support for the 18-year old Iranian girl Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, who has been sentenced to death by hanging. In previous cases international activism and publicity has saved the lives of other Iranians sentenced to death for crimes which would not carry the death penalty in most other nations.

Nazanin was found guilty of murder for fatally stabbing one of a group of men who was attempting to rape her and her niece.

Please take a few moments to read about her case and what you can do to stop the execution and save Nazanin’s life.

Hat-tip: Bitch PhD

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  1. Urghh… All I can do is link this.. there is no way my brain can deal with such horridness tonight… Thank you tigtog for bringing it to our attention. Make sure you feed the ducks or lay in the sunshine (with plenty of sunblock) tomorrow! Cheers!

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