They did what?

Thus far my blog has been a BB free zone, but WTF? John and Ashley were evicted for doing what?
These blokes should just do the right thing and donate all organs but their brains to medical science immediately (because obviously their brains aren’t worth having).

Hat-tip: Lara

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Normally I have little time for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, but I loved their front page today.

After all the reporting on the interview Mr “I’m a man of pride” and “I don’t talk to anything over 60 kilos” gave, we all want to hate the creep.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he’s guilty. We know someone’s guilty of giving Diane Brimble the drug that resulted in her death, and who wouldn’t rather it be this arsehole than anybody else? Doesn’t make it so, though.

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  1. Check out John’s MySpace profile (now deleted) – micbric

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