Month: October 2006

Just my Quasimodo costume

I have rediscovered The Editors, courtesy of Lauren. The Editors revealed the true transcript of the Foley IMs. I thank The Editors for this generous public service. [Link: The MSM’s Foley transcript]

Grogblog alert

Mark your diaries etc: next Thursday evening (October 12th) there will be a blogmeet in honour of the lovely and talented Kate (of Moment to Moment and Larvatus Prodeo) visiting Sydney. She’s only in town for a few days, and… Read More ›


I was reminded tonight, as I often am when we watch cable TV, that my husband cannot stand Tara Moss. Or the blonde Linda Robson on British sitcom Birds of a Feather. He’s not into Julia Roberts, either. Simply cannot… Read More ›

Dangerous Deppths

OK OK, I know that’s an atrocious pun. But that’s an absolutely gorgeous art shot of dear Johnny, and I needed some cheering up after this week in politics.

So, it has come to this

There’s been a sense of dispiritedness in most of my favourite blogs this past weekend. I’ve shared it. Despite several times in the past few years pointing out signs of incipient fascist tendencies in the Bush administration, I always wondered… Read More ›


This is a classic composite picture which NASA first published in 2002, and which they’ve just put up again at Astronomy Picture of the Day. Click on the link for a higher resolution image, resize your browser window as large… Read More ›

Now I see you, now I don’t

Mio caro sposo decided to faff around with our ‘Net configuration – new voice-router for webphone etc, integrated into our home LAN. It’s not working entirely as advertised, meaning I have had intermittent ‘Net access at best the last few… Read More ›