Month: October 2006

Done something silly

I was trying to tweak my comments code, and now seem to have managed to make the text of the actual posts disappear if you try to view them on a single page. You can still see the comments, but… Read More ›

Highway to Heaven

Brian Turner, designer of Jolly Roger, has sunk about $30,000 into his creation. His design is a variation on the fabled Archimedes death ray, which the ancient Greek mathematician allegedly devised to set enemy ships ablaze by bombarding them with… Read More ›

In a nutshell

Emma of Gendergeek: Patriarchy offers women economic insecurity, and then offers them a “way out’ in a form that benefits patriarchy. This was a mid-thread comment from Emma in a thread of 91 comments responding to her post Prostitution: selling… Read More ›

Our wonderful neighborhood

click on picture for larger image at APOD As regular readers know, I adore the Astronomy Picture of the Day site, and I have it as the homepage of my browser so I see every picture. This was yesterday’s, a… Read More ›

It’s gone

Last week I wrote this: if you’ve still got this catalogue online next week I’ll be amazed I just checked. The pictures from their Summer 2006 catalogue are not online anymore. I hesitate to automatically assume that it was because… Read More ›

Your badge is mine, copper

Via Feministe and Feministing: A 19-year-old prostitute feared that no one would believe her if she said an off-duty Boston police officer kept forcing her to perform sex in his car. So one night, she fled his car with a… Read More ›

That’s a relief

Sometime last night my entire domain disappeared due to a web-hosting hiccup. Once I discovered this and let them know they had it back up in half an hour though, so thankyou webhosts!


Hello, my name is tigtog, and I have a sports-viewing addiction. I apologise for not mentioning this earlier. I’m not as heavily addicted as some (I can give it up anytime, honest!), but I do enjoy a bit of biffo… Read More ›