Dangerous Deppths

Black & white arty profile portrait of Johny Depp strategically placed next to a buzz-saw blade, the curve of which follows the curve of Depp's neck

OK OK, I know that’s an atrocious pun. But that’s an absolutely gorgeous art shot of dear Johnny, and I needed some cheering up after this week in politics.

I came across this shot, obviously scanned from a magazine, while looking for Captain Jack Sparrow photos for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Anyone in the Hivemind know who the photographer is? I’d like to give the image its proper accreditation.

ADDIT: Pippilicious at For Battle! has some excellent Jack Sparrow silliness for those what likes it.

Bonus gratuitous Depp pic over the fold

Ooh! Looky here, look deep into their eyes at the stringy intense guys’ convention – Kiedis, Bowie and Depp. Could anyone else get away with that hat?

Kiedis, Bowie, Depp

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