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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged any woo-woo doomsaying. But just as I was checking my Gmail and reading a discussion of the US midterm elections, my eye was caught by one of google’s ads that they place in the sidebar (I love the way the word association between the content discussion and the ads occasionally throws up outliers like this):

Next Pope is John Paul II
Impersonated. Bible Prophecy Shows He Will be Last Pope.
Learn More – http://www.worldslastchance.com

It’s a doozy. Yet another bunch of Apocalyptic Prophecy interpretation, this time arguing that a demon will impersonate the resurrected John Paul II to ensure that “the Catholic Church regains her beast status” all so they can persecute the righteous (one of us one of us!). And what is the first thing the beast will do to persecute the righteous?

impose universal religious laws to exalt Sunday, the violation of which will deprive citizens of their basic rights of buying and selling (emphasis mine)

Finally, we get informed that this site is run by “true-Sabbathers”, those who insist that the proper divinely ordained Sabbath is Saturday, and that Sunday-Sabbathers are pagan-tainted tools of Satan.

Whatever. (note for future post – possibly the most annoyingly passive-aggressive dismissal ever)

The concept of the afterlife as advertised by various major religions does little for me. I occasionally think of the sort of afterlife I might personally find worthwhile, but none of the recognised faiths seems to offer that, so I file it regretfully away in the mind-file marked “Fear of Death: wishing otherwise”. However, I see little to object in other people believing in their own particular afterlife and doing what seems right to secure it for themselves.

Revelling in the idea of pain and suffering for others in order to secure one’s eternal afterlife, which is what lies behind the Armaggedon Apocalypse worldview, is another thing entirely. Not just woo-woo, self-righteous hostile and bloodthirsty woo-woo.

Nasty stuff.

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