Friday Furry: has to be the red panda twins

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Panda babies can even soothe the savage enpeevened breast: mr tog and I have been watching a rather moreish British drama on cable telly, starring the rather moreish Martin Shaw, wherein he plays a maverick High Court Judge, Judge John Deed. On more than one occasion, His Lordship has had occasion to bluntly inform someone that he made much more money as a defence lawyer before being recruited to the bench, and when he does so this is what the scriptwriters have him say:

“I took a 300% pay cut to do this job”

Oh, the innumeracy! No, NO, NO! That’s not how percentages work!

Get it right, you writer berks – John Deed, the character, enjoys (nay, relishes) being right and definitely would get that statistic correct. It is impossible to cut something by 300%, the most you can cut something by is 100%, at which point you will have zero. If you mean he earns a third of what he used to, then he has taken a paycut of 67%, which I agree sounds less impressive but is at least accurate. If you still want to use the impressive sounding 300%, then this is what Deed should be saying:

“My paypacket as an advocate was 300% of what I make as a judge”

Doesn’t roll so euphoniously off the tongue, I agree. Perhaps you writers could just forget about percentages all together?

My head cold is gone, too. Hooray! Baby pandas are miraculous!

In other blogging, I’ve put up a Friday Feminism post over at Feminism 101– Young Feminists. How are young women discovering feminism for themselves today and how did we do it way back when?

Over at Larvatus Prodeo, I’ve put up a Carnivalia link-fest, covering an eclectic selection of current and upcoming blog-carnivals. More reading than you could poke a stick at.

Have a good weekend, all.

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  1. You won’t get away with this, furry red pandas are only one notch above catblogging on a Friday.

  2. OH NOES!!! The MSM won’t take me seriously!
    They’ll learn though:

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