Gifts for baby showers: problem solved

future feministspit happens

I don’t often tout a commercial enterprise, but these are fabulous! Available online from rockyourbaby (for the prematurely hip)
Tip of hat to Shaun, whose Hannah (of course!) is wearing the “ab cd low voltage rock ‘n’ roll” design

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  1. Checked with The Beloved and she found the AB/CD bib on eBay and wasn’t aware of the company, rock your baby.
    Thanks tig. We’ve seen a few more items that we like.

  2. My fear is that if you gave a child a ‘future feminist’ T-shirt, they’d rebel against it in later life.

  3. I reckon you’d probably stave off that reaction if it wasn’t the only iconoclastic shirt the kid got to wear. Besides, they’re only for teeny kids: she won’t remember it except for the odd photo or two.
    It could be much improved, however, by not being so PINK.

  4. Dan sports his ‘It’s ok I’m with the band’ t-sirt by the same company.
    I’m not sure why a kid can’t be a current feminist though. It’s certainly nice to have some unisex clothes available – no camouflage print for my boy!

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  6. Some people just can’t be good examples, so they’ll have to be horrible warnings instead.

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